Farm Machinery for Sale in WA

With over 30 years of manufacturing tradition and trading in the farming and agricultural industries, Agrifarm has become synonymous with manufacturing and providing quality Australian-made farm and agricultural machinery in Western Australia. Designed tough and to Australian standards, Agrifarm products are ready to work on your farm.

Australian Owned and Made

We invite you to inspect our range of farm machinery for sale in WA including our range of slashers, mowers, aerators, mulchers, and utility implements. We’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed with what we have to offer, and in the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Catering for Variety: Farm Machinery for Sale in Western Australia

The sheer variety of farming in Western Australia dictates that anyone offering farm machinery for sale in Western Australia needs to have a broad range of products to cover everyone. The nature of the territory and the intensive nature of farming throw in a second non-negotiable: the farm machinery in Western Australia needs is tough stuff, well designed, excellently engineered and built to last. That is certainly what keeps us on our toes at Agrifarm Implements. As much as we strive to keep abreast of new developments, we are designing and manufacturing for the long term because we know farming is demanding and margins are so tight, so what our customers need is reliability.

Farm Machinery in WA That Looks to the Future

In any business it pays to have a strategy that looks far forward and enables you to set realistic budgets. When you buy an expensive piece of kit that is supposed to see you through a number of decades, not just years, that machine has to stay out there doing its job for the duration or the figures go out the window.

We start from the basis of being an Australian farm machinery equipment supplier, based here and dedicated to supporting the country’s farmers. We believe Australian design, engineering and productivity are world class – and that is not merely patriotism: we see it and our customers see it all the time in the fact that our products do what they’re supposed to and are dependable.

Naturally, even with diligent regular maintenance, at some point something will need attention and when that happens, we will be there for you too. Our engineers and tradespeople can get something running smoothly again because they are highly skilled experts. We can even fix machines from other manufacturers.

With our own farm machinery in WA, if you need a spare part, you don’t have to order it from overseas and wait and hope while it wends its way to Australia; it’s already here and can be on its way to you in a flash.

Similarly, if something needs to be engineered, such as soil aerator, we can make it to order. It’s all part of being a team: we’ve got your back.

Top-Quality Used Farm Equipment for Sale in WA

The world is comfortable with the concept of used cars, so why not utilise our used and refurbished farm equipment for sale in WA? Just as with the brand new equipment, we make sure every refurbished item that leaves our works is in good condition, up to the job, and if it saves you a few bucks, everyone’s happy. One lady owner, barely used? Perhaps not, but it was well made in the first place and we can make it as good as new.

Our equipment also includes a range of top-notch slashers for tractors. These robust and reliable attachments are designed to enhance the efficiency of your farming operations, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every pass. Just like our used and refurbished farm slashers, our mulchers also undergo thorough inspections and refurbishments to meet high-quality standards.

What Can We Do for You as Regards Farm Machinery in Western Australia?

You can call us, fax us or put it in an email, and we’ll get back to you. Explain what it is you want, any special requirements, and we will fix you up with the equipment you need. Variety is the spice of life for us, and we’ll do our utmost to help your business to succeed.

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