Farm Machinery for Sale in VIC

With over 30 years of manufacturing tradition and trading in the farming and agricultural industries, Agrifarm has become synonymous with manufacturing and providing quality Australian-made farm and agricultural machinery in Victoria. Designed tough and to Australian standards, Agrifarm products are ready to work on your farm.

Australian Owned and Made

We invite you to inspect our range of farm machinery for sale in VIC including our range of slashers, mowers, aerators, mulchers, and utility implements. We’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed with what we have to offer, and in the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Superb Australia-Made Farm Machinery for Sale in Victoria

The great state of Victoria produces wheat, barley, oats, pears, apples and stone fruits, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, and… are we forgetting something? Plenty, in fact, and possibly a crop that you grow. If you are a farmer, feeding your family along with the whole country and contributing to the success of the industry in the area, we salute you – and we want to help you.

When it comes to farming machinery in Victoria has access to the best, because we consider our products to be the best available. We are Agrifarm Implements; we are proudly Australian and we have farm machinery for sale in Victoria that you can count on.

With our Farm Equipment for Sale in Victoria has Everything it Needs

Our farm equipment sales in Victoria continue to flourish because we understand the farming business and know what is needed. You need great design, brilliant engineering and flawless workmanship all round. When it comes to farming machinery and equipment, Victoria needs quality and that means longevity: our products are designed to last a long, long time. The best machinery is often taken for granted because it does its job perfectly year after year. You don’t think about it because it’s just there, part of your life and making that life easier.

Our farm equipment for sale in Victoria is made by Australians for Australians and we cover the whole country. As a result of our excellent reputation, we also have customers overseas including New Zealand and New Caledonia. That’s what happens when you consistently give the customers what they need.

What kind of Farm Machinery in Victoria does Agrifarm Implements Make?

Because of the variety of crops in Australian farming – and there’s the livestock too, of course – we have a huge range of farm equipment for sale in Victoria. We cater for farmers with vast areas to look after and also councils with parks to maintain. So, for instance, we have a variety of aerators, mowers and slashers, mulchers, side throw slashers, pasture toppers, post hole diggers and utility implements do deal with the large scale and the smaller. What is called for on a big farm might not be necessary for the smaller producer, but every customer can get the appropriate gear. It’s important to you and it’s important to us.

Our Commitment as Farm Machinery Supplier

We are proud of our workforce and proud of our products, but sheer patriotism doesn’t necessarily breed success. Our success is based on our quality and the fact that we can service our customers better through being on the same landmass. Let’s say it’s a key time of year for you and your most important piece of equipment develops a fault. You need to get it fixed and maybe that involves a spare part.

Our engineers can fix it for you, even if it is from another manufacturer, and if it’s one of our machines and you do need a part, you won’t have to wait for one to arrive from Europe, the USA or wherever. It is probably sitting in our warehouse, so we can get it to you asap.

How to Contact Farm Equipment Sales in Victoria

If you need farm machinery in Victoria, you can call us or send us a fax or an email. Give us the details of what you do and what you need and we’ll fix you up with what you are looking for. Additionally, if you are closer to SA and looking for farm machinery sales in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to reach out us too.

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