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Farm Machinery & Equipment

Farm Slashers for saleSlashers

All AGRIFARM Slashers are Australian made utilizing the highest quality components and features not offered by our opposition. Sizes range from 90cm and up to 360cm for heavy duty farming applications, contractors and councils.

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Farm Mulchers for saleMulchers

The whole AGRIFARM Mulchers range is Australian designed and manufactured to suit a wide variety of farming and local government requirements. The cutting width of our Mulchers range vary in size from 155cm to 285cm.

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Farm Aerators for saleAerators

The AGRIFARM Agrivator Aerator range comes in 5 rigid frame sizes from 1.5 metres to 4 metres, and 3 sizes in hydraulic fold up from 4 metres to 6 metres. They are extremely sought after for their extra heavy duty construction. The Aerators range of machines tower above the rest in design and features, and are all Australian made.

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Farm Tractor Mowers for saleMowers

Our Australian made AGRIFARM Mowers are all gearbox and shaft driven (no belts) and designed in widths from 180cm to 360cm to suit all high profile mowed areas, whether it be for large residential holdings to council parks and ovals.

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Agrifarm Utility ImplementsUtility Implements

Our Australian designed and manufactured products gives the landholder versatility. We ensure strength and durability are paramount. Remember – light weight, cheap imports are not always a sound financial investment.

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Manufacturers of Quality Australian Made Farm Machinery

With over 30 years of manufacturing tradition and trading in the farming and agricultural industries, Agrifarm has become synonymous with manufacturing and providing quality Australian made farm and agricultural machinery. Designed tough and to Australian standards, Agrifarm products are ready to work on the farm.

Australian Owned and Made

We invite you to inspect our range of farm machinery including our range of slashers, mowers, aerators, mulchers and utility implements. We’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed with what we have to offer, and in the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Australia-Made Farm Machinery for Sale Can Really Help Your Business

Farming may well be a kind of calling, something that farmers do because it feels right, or perhaps it has been in the family for generations. But it has always been a business and businesses have to make money. We became a farm equipment supplier with the sole aim of helping farmers to prosper, because agriculture machinery is such a vital cog in the wheel and it can help you or it can let you down. What was needed, we decided, was great, top-quality agriculture equipment that could be relied upon to do the job. We make and sell machinery across Australia, including farm machinery in QLD, VIC, NSW, WA, and SA, that is sophisticated and up-to-date within its field but will keep doing the job year after year. Read More

So many products nowadays have a short life because they are designed that way. Planned obsolescence, it’s called. And okay, you don’t mind replacing a toothbrush every few months and you don’t expect your car to last forever, but when you’re talking about a piece of machinery you depend on for your livelihood and costs more than a few dollars, you need something that is built to last. That’s our philosophy: design it thoughtfully, engineer it well and give customers peace of mind. As your farm equipment supplier, we want our products to be out on the land, doing their job and doing it well for so long you take them for granted.

Nothing lasts forever, of course, and even well-maintained equipment will need attention now and then. We have a team of engineers and tradespeople with various specialities, so we can repair our own products and those from other manufacturers. We can even manufacture new parts if they are impossible to find.

Why It’s Important to Buy from an Australian Farm Equipment Supplier

Not only do we believe the Australian worker and the Australian designer do a fine job to rival or surpass any in the world, but the fact that our equipment is made here means that we can get it from the factory to your property quickly. And you know how it is with foreign machinery – motor vehicles, for instance – if the local dealer doesn’t have the part in stock they have to bring it in from the other side of the world, that’s going to take a while and the shipping is going to add to the price.

When you buy something that is made here, the part can be on its way to you promptly and get there faster.

What Kind of Agriculture Machinery are we Talking About?

We make aerators, mowers, mulchers, slashers, side throw slashers, pasture toppers, post hole diggers, utility implements: the whole caboodle, really. We know the industry here and that’s another thing that makes us the farm equipment supplier Australia can depend on.

Explore Quality Options in Farm Machinery Sales

With a commitment to quality, our farm machinery sales team ensures that you have access to reliable used and refurbished equipment, guaranteeing longevity and optimal performance on the field.

What is the Best Way to Contact Agrifarm?

Call us, fax us, or email us to enquire about farm machinery for sale. Also, if you happen to be around Taree NSW, come and see us for a farm machinery for sale in NSW. Wherever you are and whichever way you do it, we’ll be pleased to talk and see how we can help you. Read Less