Slasher Mowers – Why You Need One

When you’re looking for slasher mowers, it pays to keep your long-term needs in mind. Choosing a good quality piece of equipment will serve you well throughout the years. While some brands are cheap and built to be regularly replaced, investing in a quality build will allow you to replace worn-out parts hassle-free, and save you money over time.

Slashers make light work of even the thickest overgrowth, slicing through it with minimal effort. Agrifarm slasher & mower come in a variety of sizes, with each made from the highest quality components. Our slasher sizes range, including small slasher, from 90cm to 360cm or 3ft to 12ft so you can choose the most suitable slasher for your agricultural goals. Meanwhile, our mower sizes range from 180cm to 361cm.

Tending to large swathes of land, whether you’re minding your own pastures or maintaining council-owned land, can be a troublesome and lengthy task. But with the right equipment that’s designed for durability and outstanding performance, land maintenance will no longer be a gruelling chore.

Choosing A Tractor Slasher Mower – Which One Is Right For You?

If you’re faced with light to medium regrowth and have a smaller size tractor slasher mower, you’ll be best served by the Agrifarm AES Slasher machines, which comes in 120cm & 135cm size. It will easily clear pastures and features adjustable side skids so you can get the best performance for the job at hand. This is especially helpful if you find the top layer of land is covered in rocks, or if you wish to adjust the amount of overgrowth to be trimmed.

For more power, you’ll find the 75HP Agrifarm AHS Slasher is the only heavy-duty mower slasher you’ll ever need. It’s robust, durable, and offers multiple settings, allowing you greater control when it comes to clearing pastures. If you find that there’s a high volume of sucker regrowth on your land, this slasher is the perfect tool for the job.

But if you have a continuous supply of overgrowth to contend with – perhaps you’re a contractor or are clearing council-owned land – then the Agrifarm ACS Slasher is the high-powered, fully-equipped heavy duty piece of equipment that’ll make your job that much easier.

Finding the right machine for the job is often half the battle. Opting for cheap, poor-quality imported items will cause more problems than it solves. This equipment often breaks down, with no option to repair, leaving you out of pocket and falling behind schedule while you await replacements.


100% Australian Slasher Mowers For Sale At Agrifarm

With Agrifarm, however, you won’t have these problems. Our slasher mower machines are made with the highest-grade components and are built to last. Clearing overgrowth and maintaining farmland is an ongoing job. Instead of replacing your machine every few years, it makes more sense to invest in a good quality item.

The quality and durability of the Agrifarm machines results in a cheaper Whole of Life (WOL) cost. Owners regularly bring back their machines for refurbishment after 15, 20, 25 years of service whereas many of the imported products will just be scrapped and replaced hence resulting in a more expensive long-term solution.

As an Australian-owned company, with Australian-made products, we want to make your work less laborious. As your machine works its magic on the overgrowth, parts will inevitably wear out. With us, you can simply replace the parts without being fleeced for a whole new machine. It’s financially sound and far better for the environment too.

We maintain an inventory in Australia of spare parts to support a short turnaround time for our manufactured products and we can easily fabricate any of our manufactured parts in a far shorter period than the imported competition.

Since 1986, Agrifarm has been at the forefront of farm machinery. We specialise in heavy equipment that brings you greater convenience and increased efficiency in all your land-related tasks.

Slasher Mowers That Make A Difference

Whether you’re looking for a tractor slasher, mower, mulcher, or aerator – Agrifarm is the place to be. We’re here to share our specialised knowledge and help guide you to the machinery that’ll transform your land effortlessly.

Browse through our catalogue to find the slasher mowers for sale that will last you for far longer than other products on the market. If you would like to find out more, you can visit our head office in Taree NSW to find out about farm machinery for sale in NSW, or reach out through phone or email.