Farm Machinery Sales in Adelaide

With over 30 years of manufacturing tradition and trading in the farming and agricultural industries, Agrifarm has become synonymous with manufacturing and providing quality Australian-made farm and agricultural machinery in Adelaide. Designed tough and to Australian standards, Agrifarm products are ready to work on your farm.

Australian Owned and Made

We invite you to inspect our range of farm machinery Sales in Adelaide including our range of slashers, mowers, aerators, mulchers, and utility implements. We’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed with what we have to offer, and in the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Adelaide’s Go-To for Farm Machinery and Equipment

A premium city, the hub of an area that produces much of your country’s food and wine, is something to be proud of. But it doesn’t all happen by magic, and what the farming community in Adelaide needs is expert support to enable it to continually excel. This involves a premier farm equipment supplier in Adelaide that businesses can depend on. That pretty much sums us up at Agrifarm Implements. We are manufacturers and suppliers of everything you need in farm machinery sales in Adelaide.

Aerators, mowers, mulchers, slashers and utility implements: we’ve got them all in various sizes and suitable for all terrains of all sizes. If your spread goes as far as the eye can see, we can handle that. If you’re a council maintaining some parks, we’ve got the right thing for you, too.

How Agrifarm Provides the Farm Machinery in Adelaide

We have earned our excellent reputation through making top machinery tailored to the needs of farmers in the various parts of Australia. To start with, we are Australian and proud of it. We believe in this country’s workforce, from equipment designers to engineers and everyone else who contributes to making our products.

We’ve all heard the rallying cry about the benefits of buying Australian farm machinery as regards supporting our national colleagues, but we don’t expect you to come to us out of pure nationalism. Our customers come to us because they know we offer quality, durability, reliability and great service.

First of all, the farm machinery in Adelaide is machinery that does the job you need it to do. Once you’ve bought our equipment, it has to deliver on the promise, doing the job brilliantly. Thirdly, it has to keep on delivering year after year. That sort of reliability depends on design, quality of materials and excellent engineering. When you’ve paid good money for a piece of our equipment, you – and we – want to see it out there, doing the job and doing it well year after year. Some people build in obsolescence; we build in longevity.

As a responsible operator, you will make sure your equipment is serviced and maintained properly, but hiccups do occur and sooner or later the equipment will probably require attention. You may need us to fix something, which our skilled engineers are trained to do, and you may need a spare part. If that is the case, the fact that we are right here in Australia means you don’t have to cross your ringers and hope for the best while that part makes its way to you from a land far, far away. We can usually get it to you quickly, keeping the machine’s downtime to a minimum. If you need a part made from scratch, we can do that too.

Contact us for Farm Machinery & Equipment Sales in Adelaide

You can contact us by phone, fax or email, whichever you’re most comfortable with. Give us a good idea of what you do and what you need and we’ll make sure you receive the ideal piece of equipment to enhance your operation. We think you will agree: that’s the kind of farm equipment sales in Adelaide. Additionally, we have our team that provides farm equipment sales in Victoria. You can also contact them if you are closer to the area.

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