Accelerate Productivity with 3-Point Linkage Slashers

3-point linkage slashers are designed to be attached to tractors using the standard 3-point hitch. These robust implements offer a multitude of advantages, making them an essential asset for any agricultural endeavour. You can quickly and effortlessly connect and disconnect the slasher as needed. These slashers effectively cut down and control weed infestations, reducing competition for resources, and improving crop yields. Whether you have a small field or a larger area to manage, a 3-point linkage tractor slasher efficiently mow down tall grass, brush, and weeds, leaving your land in optimal condition.

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Agrifarm AES120 1.2m Galvanised Slasher 25HP

The AES120 1.2m Galvanised series slasher is suitable for pasture slashing.


  • 40 HP (30 Kw) gearbox.
  • 4 series drive shaft with friction clutch.
  • Clevis hitch 3 point linkage.
  • Laminated Bisalloy blade beam with offset suction lift blades for clean cutting.
  • Adjustable side skids – built-in blade trim.
  • Body reinforcement layout eliminates entrapment of swath or water.
  • AES Series sizes range from 120cm to 135cms and are suited for small tractors ranging from 25HP.

$3,597 Exc. GST

Agrifarm AHS180 Series 1.8m Slasher Galvanised 55HP

AHS 180 1.8m cut Slasher with Galvanised body.

The AHS Series is a heavy-duty slasher for general farm pasture and small sucker regrowth slashing.


  • 75 HP Gearbox AHS150/AHS180
  • 100HP Gearbox AHS210.
  • Multi Leaf Bisalloy Blade Beam.
  • Swing Back Blades.
  • Cat “1” Clevis Hitch 3PL.
  • Fully adjustable Side Skids with Angle Iron Reinforcement.
  • Clean body design eliminates grass entrapment.
  • 6 Series AHS150/AHS180 8 Series AHS210 European Driveshaft c/w Integral Clutch.
  • Rubber Guards Front & Rear.
  • AHS210 c/w Floating Top Link.
  • Sizes range from 150cm cut to 210cm cut suited for tractors ranging from 35HP to 70HP.

$6,190 Exc. GST

Discover Quality 3-Point Linkage Tractor Slasher for Sale

Agrifarm Implements is an Australian owned brand with a strong reputation for quality that has been established since 1986. Our products are characterised by their heavy duty design and construction, making them a premium choice for your agricultural needs. When considering the overall cost throughout the lifespan of the equipment, Agrifarm Implements is a more cost effective solution due to the superior build quality and longevity offered by the equipment. You can rely on our machines for 15, 20, or even 25 years and have the option to bring them in for refurbishment, instead of having to replace them several times in the same timeframe. Read More

As a local, Australian farm equipment manufacturer, we are well known for our ability to supply the required spare parts swiftly. We take pride in offering quality equipment that increases the productivity and efficiency of operations, whether it’s related to farming, government, or business. With their ease of attachment and manoeuvrability, 3-point linkage slashers significantly reduce the time and labour required for land management.

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Exceptional Benefits with 3PL Slashers

If you’re looking for 3-point linkage slashers for sale, check out our Agrifarm AHS, ACS, ALS and AES Slasher range which all offer a clevis hitch 3-point linkage. The Agrifarm AES Slasher is ideal for pasture slashing and light to medium regrowth. It comes in different sizes, 120cm and 135cm, and offers a 4 series drive shaft with friction clutch. Features also include adjustable side skids with a built in blade trim and the design of the body reinforcement prevents the entrapment of swatch or water.

The Agrifarm ALS small farm slasher comes in sizes of 90cm and 120cm and offers the same features as the Agrifarm AES series slasher. The AHS range is available in 150cm, 180cm, and 210cm. Features include a European manufactured gearbox, 6 series drive shaft with friction clutch, and 5mm plate body with Z shaped front and rear apron for maximum durability and strength.

The ACS range available in 150cm, 180cm, 210cm, 240cm, 300cm and 360cm presents as an extra heavy-duty slashers, highly durable slasher perfect for contractors, farm clearing work and local government bodies, offering exceptional robustness and performance. It features an 8 series drive shaft, with 4-6 plate friction clutch, as well as a heavily reinforced 5mm body and 300mm underbody clearance to manage the heaviest crop efficiently.

The AES, ACS, ALS and AHS range all come with a Laminated Bisalloy blade beam, featuring offset suction lift blades to ensure precise and clean cutting. Both the AHS and ACS slasher ranges come in a side throw slasher version complete with the same quality componentry as the standard AHS and ACS slashers.

By controlling weeds, and ensuring well-maintained fields, 3PL slashers contribute to better crop and forage yields, enhancing the overall profitability of your agricultural operation. As an investment in both land management and agricultural productivity, 3-point linkage slashers stand as essential assets for anyone seeking to streamline their farming operations. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or check out our Agrifarm Slashers Brochure. Moreover, check our slasher for sale in NSW if you live in the area. Read Less