AFM/180 Finishing Mower

AFM/180 Mower – robust finishing mower for parks, ovals and turf farms.  We will have this machine on display at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo 2017 at Penrith, held from 21st to 23rd April 2017.

Features include:

  • Gearbox drive, no belts
  • High blade tip speed giving quality cut
  • European gearboxes
  • 6 Series European driveshaft complete with integral clutch
  • Bisalloy blade beams
  • Double edged swing back blades
  • Cat ‘1’ clevis hitch 3 point linkage
  • Radius roller ends
  • Inboard roller bearings for increased bearing service life
  • Floating top link to follow undulations
  • Optional extras available

Agrifarm Mowers AFM180


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Keep It Neat With A Finish Mower

A finish mower for a tractor is designed to help you maintain large areas, such as sports fields, pitches, golf courses, and lawns, with minimal effort for you. Simply hitch it to the back of your tractor and watch as the grass is transformed into a professional-grade sight.

Ideal for grass that isn’t overgrown, this is the perfect maintenance tool that keeps the land in tip-top condition. Sharp blades produce a uniformly neat cut, for that manicured finished look.

Our tractor finishing mower is a beltless design featuring a gearbox drive instead. Belts are usually the first to wear out and need replacing, but with a gearbox drive, you no longer have to worry about your equipment breaking down mid-way through the job.

Agrifarm supplies premium quality equipment, made from the highest-grade components, for a luxurious drive and effortless completion of the task. Lower quality equipment, particularly imports, has a reputation for falling apart at the first sign of difficulty – but choosing an Agrifarm finish mower helps you avoid the common pitfalls of cheap materials. Read More

Why Choose A Premium Finish Mower for Tractor?

If you want a professional cut to your lawn or sports field, then a finishing mower for a tractor might be just what you need. The difference in quality is noticeable as the high blade tip speed ensures a clean and precise cut.

Searching for a top-quality finish mower for sale can mean sifting through cheap imports to find the premium equipment you deserve. But with Agrifarm, you can trust that only the highest-grade components are used to create powerful, durable machines.

With multiple options for cut height, sharp blades, and flexible movement to easily follow the natural curves of the land, the Agrifarm finish mower is the only tool you’ll need to create a well-maintained landscape.

High-Quality Tractor Finishing Mower At Agrifarm

Agrifarm has been providing premium-grade and heavy-duty farm machinery since 1986. We ensure all products are made from the best components, so you can trust your equipment will work year after year.

With other brands, you might find yourself replacing the same piece of machinery over and over, every few years. The costs soon mount up. But you don’t have to settle for average results from cheap, imported equipment. Investing in Australian-made and owned products with Agrifarm gives so many more benefits.

We all know that machinery parts can, and will, wear out over time. The difference is that, with us, all you need to do to get your machine back up and running is replace the parts. We offer spare parts for all machines sold, including tractor finishing mowers, slashers, mulchers, pasture toppers, and aerators. Save yourself time, money, and hassle by avoiding the need to replace the whole machine.

Contact Us for Enquiries About Our Finish Mower for Sale

If you want to achieve a professional-looking lawn, park, sports field, golf course – or any other area of land – get in touch today to find out more about the Agrifarm finish mower for sale. Our friendly team of experts are here to share knowledge, offer advice and guide you towards the equipment that’ll make your job so much easier.

You can reach us by phone, or by email – and if you’re near Taree, NSW why not pop into our head office for a discussion about farm equipment for sale in NSW? Read Less