6-Foot or 1.8m Slasher for Sale Designed and Manufactured to Last

If you’re looking for a 1.8m slasher for sale, we have a variety on offer. Both our Agrifarm AHS Slasher and ACS Slasher are available as 6-foot slashers. The AHS Slasher is a heavy-duty slasher suitable for general farm pasture and slashing small sucker regrowth. It features a 6 series drive shaft with friction clutch and a 5mm plate body equipped with Z shaped front and rear apron for optimal durability and strength.

6ft Slasher Side Throw – ACS180

In comparison, the ACS range is an extra heavy duty, highly durable slasher perfect for contractors, farm clearing work and local government bodies, offering exceptional robustness and performance. It features an 8 series drive shaft, with 4-6 plate friction clutch, as well as a heavily reinforced 5mm body and 300mm underbody clearance to manage the heaviest crop efficiently. Both feature a Laminated Bisalloy blade beam with offset lift blades, ensuring accurate and clean cutting. Get in touch if you have any queries or consult our Agrifarm Slashers Brochure for more information.

Both the AHS and ACS slashers come in a side throw slasher version which is ideal for use in vineyards and orchards operations where there is a requirement to place the grass cuttings and mulch under the vines or trees which helps with moisture retention, provides a natural fertilizer, while also establishing good bacteria.

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How a 6ft Tractor Slasher Offers Excellent Efficiency

At Agrifarm Implements, we’re all about providing quality machinery that enhance productivity and efficiency across farming, business, and government operations. Our machinery is carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of agricultural tasks. We proudly offer quality, locally made agricultural machinery like our 6ft tractor slasher. Since 1986, we have continued the tradition of crafting top quality Australian made agricultural machinery and equipment. Browse our excellent range of slashers, mowers, aerators, pasture toppers, and more. When you go with us for your 6ft tractor slasher needs, you’re investing in more than just machinery, you’re investing in reliability, durability, and superior performance.

We have earned a stellar reputation for our robust design and construction. When considering the Whole of Life Cost, we offer a more economical solution. Our heavy duty build ensures longevity, allowing our machines to significantly outlast others. As a local farm equipment manufacturer, we have also earned the trust of our customers due to our ability to supply necessary spares promptly. Our customers can benefit from our reliable supply and ensure their equipment operates at peak performance.

Take Your Operations to the Next Level with 6-Foot Slasher for Sale in NSW

We proudly offer a quality product, designed and manufactured to withstand the test of time. 6-foot slashers are a versatile implement that is a must have for those seeking to enhance their farming capabilities and land management. The 6ft width of the slasher’s blade covers a substantial area and improves the mowing process, saving precious time.

In addition to our renowned 6-foot slashers, we now introduce the 7-foot slashers and 10-foot slashers, expanding our range to accommodate diverse farming needs. These larger implements further amplify efficiency and productivity, offering robust solutions for comprehensive land management. Slashers significantly reduce the need for manual labour and expensive chemical herbicides, providing a cost-effective solution for land maintenance.

With lower operating costs and long-term durability, our 6-foot slasher for sale in NSW is a wise financial choice. Whether you’re dealing with a large field or a pasture, a 6ft slasher can make quick work of cutting down tall grass and weeds. With its wide cutting swath and enhanced efficiency, a 6ft slasher greatly reduces the time and labour required for mowing and land maintenance, allowing you to allocate your resources elsewhere.

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