Farm Machinery for Sale in NSW

With over 30 years of manufacturing tradition and trading in the farming and agricultural industries, Agrifarm has become synonymous with manufacturing and providing quality Australian-made farm and agricultural machinery in New South Wales. Designed tough and to Australian standards, Agrifarm products are ready to work on your farm.

We invite you to inspect our range of farm machinery for sale in NSW including our range of slashers, mowers, aerators, mulchers, and utility implements. We’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed with what we have to offer, and in the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

The Importance of Australian Quality Farm Machinery for Sale in NSW

New South Wales is a very productive state, with a huge and diverse economy that includes the contemporary fields of communications, technology and so on. But this is also a fertile region and agriculture still plays a vital role here. We at Agrifarm are proud to play our part in that great traditional industry and are well established here as manufacturers and suppliers of farm equipment for sale in NSW.

If you are looking for a farm machinery for sale, NSW has easy access to our extensive range, and as farm equipment supplier in NSW, here is an important area for us too. We consider it a privilege to help fellow Australians in the endless pursuit of efficiency and productivity by supplying the farm equipment that you need.

Why Buying Australian Farm Machinery in NSW is Important

We believe in our country’s workforce. We believe the national work ethic results in top quality products, and it is a good feeling to be able to help in this way. We make and supply a wide range of products designed and engineered to last. We want our products to be out there on the land, getting the job done for you well and reliably. You know the best farm equipment for sale in NSW can go unnoticed because it never gives you any trouble, and in that respect, we want our customers to take our equipment for granted. Buy it, use it, maintain it and rest easy at night because of it.

Australian Owned and Made

Things do go wrong from time to time, of course, and when spare parts are needed, it might happen at a crucial time of year for you, so you can’t afford to be waiting for a part to be flown in from overseas. It’s far better to know you can give us a call and we’ll take it off the shelf and dispatch it to you in a flash.

If a part needs to be manufactured, we can do that too, and here’s another advantage of buying Australian farm machinery in NSW and dealing with us: we can fix things, so if something needs repairing, just give us a shout. Even if it’s not one of our products, we have the knowledge and expertise to get it sorted for you.

What Kinds of Farm Equipment for Sale in NSW are we Talking About?

Our customers grow a lot of different crops and have different types of land, so our range has to be wide enough to look after everybody. For that reason we have a variety of aerators in different sizes, mowers to deal with everything from pastureland to public parks, mulchers to help you maintain the quality of your farm or orchard. Slashers, side throw slashers, and pasture toppers in various models to suit the kind of terrain and vegetation you’re dealing with and miscellaneous equipment to help you with the 1,001 jobs that need doing from time to time.

How to Contact the Farm Equipment Supplier in NSW

You can call us, fax us or put it all in an email and we’ll get on the case immediately. If you are located in New South Wales and looking for farm machinery in NSW, you are really in luck, because so are we. In Arkwright Crescent, Taree, to be precise, so maybe you can pay us a visit some time and see what else we have that would be a good addition to your equipment. Additionally, if you’re in closer area of Queensland and on the hunt for top-notch farm machinery for sale in QLD, you can also reach out to us.

For your information, we participate in “field days” where you can look at some of our products in the open air.

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