APM/361 Roller Mower – Three body section finishing mower designed to float independently on height rollers and follow the ground contour.  Suitable for mowing large areas such as parks, ovals and turf farms.

Agrifarm Mowers APM361

Features include:

  • Gearbox drive no belts
  • High blade tip speed giving quality cut
  • European gearboxes
  • 6 Series European driveshaft complete with integral clutch
  • Bisalloy blade beams
  • Double edged swing back blades
  • Cat ‘1’ clevis hitch 3 point linkage
  • Radius roller ends
  • Inboard roller bearings for increased bearing service life
  • Floating top link to follow undulations
  • Hydraulic fold up for transport, phased hydraulic cylinders
  • Flow control needle valve regulates fold rate
  • Wings float approximately 100mm above and 100mm below level at outer edge, giving approximately 200mm total float
  • Involute spline outer shafts with shear bolt protection

Roller Mowers That Flatten The Competition

Roller mowers are the perfect tool for flattening ground to prepare for landscaping lawns and preparing sports grounds for that professionally smooth look. For the best performance, it pays to invest in high-quality equipment that won’t break down – no matter the job at hand.

For large areas, such as parks or fields, a top-grade machine will easily cut the grass to the desired length, while simultaneously flattening the land of bumps and imperfections. Lower-quality imports made from cheaper materials are likely to break down in the face of heavy-duty tasks facing landowners, golf courses, turf farms, and council departments.

Agrifarm APM/361 Gear Driven Roller Mowers

Agrifarm roller mowers for sale are 100% Australian-made and owned, giving you easy access to parts and repairs, increasing the life span of your equipment immensely. This saves you time, stress and money in the long-term as you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole machine every 2-3 years like their poorer quality counterparts.

Cutting-Edge Lawn Care: Roller Lawn Mowers

The top choice for getting those distinctive stripes on your lawn. The cut is smooth and uniform, making it the gold standard in professional cuts. At Agrifarm, our roller lawn mowers are belt-free allowing for greater precision and preventing frequent breakdowns seen in belt-equipped farm machinery.

It gives you superior control over the cut and aesthetic of the mowed area. Suitable for larger patches of land, this is the machinery you need to maintain medium to large-sized areas. Agrifarm’s lawn mower with roller are also belt-free, for fewer problems and more efficiency at work.

All mowers available at Agrifarm are Australian-made, inlcuding roller mowers and finish mowers. We only use the highest-grade components to ensure you get the equipment that helps make your tasks easier. These mowers are long-lasting, and even though parts will become worn with use, we can help you find the exact parts you need. Some machines are made to break, but at Agrifarm, we do things differently.

Durable Roller Mowers For Sale At Agrifarm

Since 1986, Agrifarm has provided top-quality equipment all across Australia. We know the terrain can be tough – and we know the lure of cheap imports can be tantalising. But instead of replacing machinery regularly and sending it to landfill, we believe in equipment that lasts.

We source the highest-quality components to ensure our customers receive a product that will last for far longer than other products on the market. Not only that, we also believe that you deserve the most impressive results when you’re searching for roller mowers for sale.

Using a beltless construct, Agrifarm mowers are precision-based and ready to handle those tough jobs that other brands simply can’t handle. With adjustable rollers, you get the utmost control over the length and uniformity of your lawn, fields, and parks.

If you want to see improved efficiency and greater effectiveness, while reducing overall your spend on equipment, Agrifarm is the place to be. We make it easier for you to find farm machinery for sale in NSW, if you are in the area. Otherwise, we receive enquiries all across Australia.

Contact Us to Learn More About Lawn Mower with Roller

Here at Agrifarm, we specialise in premium-grade heavy mowers & slashers machinery, designed for greater convenience and reduced waste. For more information, you can check out the specifications for each mower available. You can also visit our head office based in Taree NSW, or reach out via email or phone to speak with one of our experienced team members.