Farm Mulchers for Sale in Australia

Our mulchers for sale come in a variety of types, with different sizes, functions, and suitability. They’re all used for several applications, so you need to choose one to suit your needs. Fortunately, we have a wide range here at Agrifarm and can help you choose the most suitable one.

Features on our Mulchers make the full range stand out from the opposition.

Gaining the Benefits of Agricultural Mulching

The benefits of mulching in agriculture are many and well-known. Adding shredded plant material to the topsoil enhances the activity of soil organisms, increases the amount of organic matter in the soil and improves the overall soil structure. This increases the fertility of the soil and helps to create a stable crumb structure, so it is more resistant to soil erosion.

Choosing The Best Mulchers for Sale

All mulchers work on the same principle in that they are agricultural machines that have a cutting tool that grinds material into small pieces that will more readily convert into usable compost. However, the size of plant they’re capable of shredding and the way they operate will influence your decision when choosing a mulcher.

When selecting, take into account a number of factors:

The type of application. Some mulchers are used to mow and shred field crops and other small plants while others are used in orchards and forests to prune trees. Some large-scale machines are more suitable for forestry and ground-clearing work where they have to deal with tree branches and stumps. Therefore, you need to choose a machine with the required capacity and features.

Different technologies. Common ones include knives that are the most versatile since they can mow grass, cut small shrubs and shred organic matter. Flail mulchers can cut larger shrubs and branches but are not suitable for grass cutting. Drum mulchers have a cylindrical shape, are robust and use a grinding method that is suitable for mixed vegetation but doesn’t cut evenly.

Types. Walk-behind mulchers are suitable for areas that are difficult to reach while self-propelled versions have excellent traction and are often used in forestry applications on steep slopes and difficult terrain. Mounted mulchers are typically fitted to and powered by a tractor, as are offset mulchers that are typically used for road and ditch maintenance and have an articulated, hydraulic arm that enables horizontal or vertical cutting.

Power and weight. This applies to mounted or offset mulchers on a tractor, excavator or back-hoe loader where the traction machine has to be able to handle the weight of the mulcher. A mulcher of less than 150 kilogrammes can be powered by a tractor of 25 HP or less whereas one that is 1,300 kilogrammes or more needs over 160 HP of power. Read More

Helping You to Increase Your Efficiency

Choosing the right mulcher can be difficult due to all the factors you need to consider. The good news is that we have a large number of models available and have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision.

Every one of our mulchers is of the highest quality and some will have exactly the features you need. They’re heavy duty so they’re extremely robust and will have a long and useful life. And, because they’re made right here in Australia, we have spares readily available should you need a repair. All of this leads to a whole of life cost that is lower than for most comparable mulchers.

For increased efficiency and productivity, contact us and you’ll have just the right mulcher for your needs. Other than mulchers, we also have different types of Farm Machinery for Sale in NSW that you can check out. Read Less