The pictured Agrifarm AHM/195 Mulcher was first purchased new in 1990 and has been used in the Grafton district until just recently, when it was traded in for a brand new upgraded Agrifarm Mulcher.

This machine has never seen the inside of a shed and has been very well worked for nearly 30 years, although upon refurbishment we discovered that it only needed a few relatively minor repairs to get it back up to service expectations. Fitted with new blades, bushes, belts, bearings, skids and a lick of paint this Mulcher will now probably keep on keeping on for another couple of decades. We manufacture these fantastic products on site in Taree NSW and have been supplying top quality heavy duty tractor mounted machinery to farmers all over Australia for more than 30 years. And with export opportunities being utilized for at least the last 10 years, these amazing machines are also quickly gaining preference world wide.

Don’t waste time on imported machines, any money saved at purchase will come back to bite. Lack of service, parts, support and even basic general knowledge of some products could cost you dearly later on. Come and chat to the people that know our unique harsh country first hand and understand the need for reliable machinery that will never let you down. Australian made and owned since 1986, our top quality Mulchers (as well as our Slashers, Aerators and other Implements of course!) are designed to keep even the most demanding farmer satisfied.