“Hi, just letting you know the new slasher is terrific.  We worked all weekend with it and it was a pleasure to use.  Tom (from Shifting Gear Transport) was an utter gentleman, he allowed me to reverse the tractor up onto his trailer, then attached the linkage so no lifting off the truck was necessary.  Many thanks for all the organising, as everything went really smoothly.  I will be highly recommending your Company’s products to my network of friends and customers.  Many thanks.”

“Just wanted to say how wonderfully impressive your operation is at AGRIFARM (as if you didn’t know that!).

I apologise for not introducing my youngest son to you, as I specifically asked him to come along with me today to see the type of people and businesses that really make this country what it is. He is a very clever young Uni student but I am very eager for him to always look beyond the world of academia and so called higher professions, to see that those things amount to nothing unless we have hands on people who think good stuff, know good stuff and do good stuff. He was very impressed (and had no difficulty in telling me what I should get).

This type of experience for my son, together with ensuring my wife has the best of reliable tools available to her for her long term enjoyment of our little farm is very important to me.

I’ll be in touch tomorrow, but just wanted to thank you sooner than that to say thank you for your time, and I apologise for stealing so much of it”.