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Slashers for sale by Agrifarm

All AGRIFARM Slashers are Australian made utilizing the highest quality components and features not offered by our opposition. Sizes range from 90cm for small tractors up to 360cm for heavy duty farming applications, contractors and councils.

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Agrifarm Slashers AES135Agrifarm ALS & AES Slasher

The ALS and AES series slasher is suitable for pasture slashing and light to medium regrowth.


  • 40 HP (30 Kw) gearbox
  • 4 series drive shaft with friction clutch
  • Clevis hitch 3 point linkage
  • Laminated spring steel blade beam with offset suction lift blades for clean cutting
  • Adjustable side skids – built-in blade trim
  • Body reinforcement layout eliminates entrapment of swath or water

Agrifarm Slashers AHS150Agrifarm AHS Slasher

A heavy duty slasher for general farm pasture and small sucker regrowth slashing.


  • 75 HP (56kw) gearbox
  • 6 series drive shaft with friction clutch
  • 5mm plate body with Z formed front and rear apron for maximum strength
  • Laminated spring steel blade beam with offset suction lift blades
  • Adjustable side skirts
  • Clevis hitch 3 point linkage

AHS/135 Slasher -Blueberry Specification

  • 75 HP Gearbox
  • Multi Leaf Bisalloy Blade Beam
  • Swing Back Blades
  • Cat “1” Clevis Hitch 3PL
  • Fully adjustable Side Skids
  • Clean body design eliminates grass entrapment
  • 6 Series European Driveshaft c/w Integral Clutch
  • Centrally Mounted

Agrifarm Slashers ACS180Agrifarm ACS Slasher

Extra heavy duty slasher for contractors, local government bodies and farm clearing work.


  • 7 series drive shaft with 4 plate friction clutch
  • High ratio gearbox – produces optimum blade tip speed
  • Heavily reinforced 5mm body, galvanizing option
  • 300mm underbody clearance – to handle the heaviest crop
  • Floating headstock – slasher follows ground profile
  • Laminated spring steel blade beam – offset suction lift blades

Agrifarm Slashers AHS180stsSIDE THROW MODELS

Available in AHS and ACS series Slashers.


  • STD with rear wheel kit
  • Chain top links
  • Adjustable opening side chute
  • Lifting throw blades

Agrifarm Slasher Specifications

Specifications are available in the Agrifarm Slashers Brochure below:

Download the Agrifarm Slashers Brochure


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