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AGRIFARM Mulchers are Australian designed and manufactured to suit a wide variety of farming and local government requirements. Ranging in size from 155cm to 900cm cutting width. Features on our Mulchers make the full range stand out from the opposition.

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Agrifarm Mulchers AMM155Agrifarm AMM Mulcher

The AMM series is a medium duty mulcher suitable for pastures and crops. Residues are finely chopped and the swath evenly spread over the ground providing a mulch to improve soil moisture retention and seed germination.


  • Clevis hitch cat 1 three point linkage.
  • Chain top link
  • 4mm Body panel to withstand obstacle impact.
  • Blades pivoting on hardened bushes and grade 8 bolts.
  • Adjustable height skids.
  • Built-in mulching bar.
  • Friction clutch optional.

Agrifarm Mulchers AHM285Agrifarm AHM Mulcher

The AHM series is a heavy-duty mulcher best suited to typical farming applications such as:

  • Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Rice and Cotton stubble. Tobacco, Potato haulms, Pineapple tops, pasture topping.
  • Prunings: Macadamia, Grapes, Banana plants & Avocados
  • The Forestry model is suitable for scrub clearing, forest trails and under powerline regrowth control. These models are also fitted with a heavy duty Rotor and additional body panels

Pineapple, Banana and Macadamia mulchers series are unique:

  • Pineapple farmers are available in 2 sizes, AHM160-P & 195-P.
  • Macadamias have 3 sizes, AHM160-M, 195-M & 240-M.
  • Banana farmers have 4 sizes to chose from; AHM160-B, 195-B, 240-B & 285-B.

Mulchers for Forestry models are available in 3 sizes: AHM160-F, 195-F & 240-F

We also have the AHMH Hydraulic drive mulcher available to suit Excavators in the 12 -20 ton range.


  • Double skin steel body panels to withstand obstacle impact.
  • Clevis hitch cat 1&2 three point linkage.
  • 4 x SPBX Section belt rotor drive on large diameter pulleys for optimum blade tip speed.
  • Series 7 drive shaft with friction clutch.
  • Floating top link.
  • 220mm (9″) diameter rotor tube with 6 row blade configuration to reduce power requirements and even out belt loadings.
  • Blades pivoting on hardened bushes and grade 8 bolts.
  • 55mm taper lock rotor support bearings.
  • Fully adjustable rear flap to control swath spread.
  • Adjustable height skids.

Agrifarm Mulchers ACM600Agrifarm ACM Mulcher

Built for large area crop residue mulching such as cotton, maize, rice, wheat and potato haulms.


  • Dual rotors
  • 328 HP Bondioli Gearbox
  • Cat 3 Quickhitch standard
  • 6 SPBX belt drive both sides
  • Adjustable Height Control wheels rear mounted
  • Alemlube auto greasing system

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Agrifarm Mulchers ASM200Agrifarm ASM Mulcher

Universal low clearance mulcher suitable for roadside grass maintenance, orchard and vineyard prunings.


  • Can be front or rear mounted on the tractor.
  • Hydraulic side shift standard.
  • Can be built LH or RH offset.
  • 6 series drive shaft with friction clutch standard.
  • Roller or castor wheels standard.
  • 4 X SPBX section belt rotor drive on large diameter pulleys for optimum blade speed.
  • Hammers fitted standard, “Y” flail option.
  • 4mm thick plate monocoque body construction.
  • Chain top link.

Agrifarm Mulcher Specs

Specifications are available in the Agrifarm Mulcher’s Brochure below:

Download the Agrifarm Mulchers Brochure
Filesize: 1700 KB


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