See our Agrifarm 600 Cotton Mulcher in action below!


Agrifarm Slashers
All AGRIFARM Slashers are Australian made utilizing the highest quality components and features not offered by our opposition. Sizes range from 90cm and up to 360cm for heavy duty farming applications, contractors and councils.


Agrifarm Mulchers
The whole AGRIFARM Mulchers range is Australian designed and manufactured to suit a wide variety of farming and local government requirements. The cutting width of our Mulchers range vary in size from 155cm to 285cm.


Agrifarm Aerators
The AGRIFARM Agrivator Aerators range comes in 3 sizes and are extremely sought after for their extra heavy duty construction. The Aerators range of machines tower above the rest in design and features, and are all Australian made.


Agrifarm Mowers
Our Australian made AGRIFARM Mowers are all gearbox and shaft driven (no belts) and designed in widths from 180cm to 360cm to suit all high profile mowed areas, whether it be for large residential holdings to council parks and ovals.

ACM Mulcher

Agrifarm ACM Mulcher
The AGRIFARM ACM Mulcher is built for large area crop residue mulching such as cotton, maize, rice and wheat. It features dual rotors, Adjustable Height Control wheels rear mounted, an auto greasing system and 328 HP Bondioli Gearbox.

Utility Implements

Agrifarm Utility Implements
Our Australian designed and manufactured products gives the landholder the versatility they require. We ensure strength and durability are paramount. Remember – light weight, cheap imports are not always a sound financial investment.